About us

We can offer you a solution from consulting on your passive fire protection matters and site inspections surveys, through to a complete specified, designed and signed off solution installed to meet your requirements ​or everything in between.​

Our specialty knowledge in passive fire protection has enabled us to research, and correctly understand the many systems being supplied in the market, how they comply and their limitations, so we can advise on correct solutions and options specific to you applications, protection and budgetary requirements

- Site Inspection Surveys

- Independent Passive Inspection

- Specialist Consulting

- System Specification

- Tender Contract Vetting

- Project Management

- Control Management Solutions​

- Installation Training

- Certified Installation

- Specialist knowledge on passive fire protection

- Ensuring you receive the correct system required

- Independent knowledge of systems and their limitations

- Ensure you are compliant to the NZ Building Code along with other unique certification required in your industry sector.

- Understanding the difference between systems that are certified and
how they don’t necessarily comply to the building​